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I have addressed many audiences, including the 2001 UN NGO Summit in New York. Where I recommended that NGOs (non-governmental organizations) in their mission’s help create sustainable and regenerative communities and bioregions worldwide.  Upon finishing my speech, I also became witness to the fateful morning of September 11, 2001, as I became the first and last speaker at the UN that tragic day of 9/11. In my shock, I witnessed the world community’s reaction to the life-changing events of that day in world history. Following that event I led a forum at the City University of New York (CUNY) called, “On Recovery and Renewing the Spirit of New York City Communities”.  That led to other requests and I conducted workshops at the International Sustainable Resource Conference, in 2003, at the University of Colorado, Boulder.  Later I addressed the UN World Environmental Day in San Francisco, in 2005.

My career in sustainability and regenerative development became reality in 1982 when Maryjane Dustan, Director of the Communications Department of the College of Marin requested my help to organize the regional emergency response forum.  This was necessary when Marin County, California, experienced the worst storms and floods in its history and declared as a national disaster area. This was a first time ever event for Marin Country and it went on to spawn many town hall meetings on many critical issues important to the creation of a greater sense of community all over the region.  

Some highlights of my background and experience: 

Currently, working with an international network of medical experts and nuclear engineers on how best to respond to the issues of Fukushima.




Ongoing, working project is MotherEarth Media, a think tank and media production center. The focus is critical information strategic planning, systems development, communications, and implementation as part of an ongoing  research project started 40 years ago with my professor Dr. Christian DeLaet at Concordia Univercity of Montreal, Canada. Later Astronaut Gordon Cooper recruited me for The Information Center on critical issues in Washington, DC.

Report “Tomorrow’s Challenge for Japan”; requested by a senior advisor to the Government of Japan, this report was published there nationally in 2008.  During that time I also served as an advisor on planning a national conference on critical issues for the future of Japan. Later I was asked to organize expert networks to deal with the issues of Fukushima.

“Space of Love” now SOL – Editorial Staff for Int’l magazine on the creation of sustainable and regenerative communities, the challenges, ideas and where the new consciousness is coming in from all over the world. (US/Russian Publication plus a regional edition for the Coast of California)

Sustainable World Sourcebook - Wisdom Council – The Essential Guidebook for the Concerned Citizen on critical issues, viable solutions and resources for action.

Original member of the development team to create The Source the first public Internet service in North America member of the this pioneering service was started, in 1979, later becoming part of AOL

Consultant on media projects, communications, information services, health, water and the environment for the past 45 years. This includes serving as the producer for five documentaries.

UN NGO Summit speaker representing the Institute for a Sustainable Future and the Global Future Networks (1997 - 2007) representing Rashmi Mayur, Ph.D. Director.

Member of the Board of Directors of the Monterey Bay Region Futures Network, from 1992 to 1998, providing oversight concerning the impact of the Ft. Ord closure on Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties  In 1991, I was asked by the former Treasurer of the State of California to help create this Monterey Bay Region Futures Network.  The organization addressed the critical economic and logistics issues associated with the largest military base closure ever in the U.S.   In addition, to assist in the creation of the new University of California Monterey Bay on the former Ft. Ord site.

Consensus Design Consultant 1992-93, member of the team that worked with the Mayor of Santa Barbara, to facilitate town hall meetings, which created the renewal of a downtown center. This change made Santa Barbara one of the most beautiful coastal cities on the California Coast.

Al Gore's Climate Change Presenters’ Team, trained with him in Nashville, in January 2007.

Interviewed in “Much Ado About W”, this addressed the importance of community art programs. This documentary was in the Santa Barbara Film Festival and aired on Public Broadcasting Services (PBS) TV. 

Special community research, seminars, and client consulting –

My research has been ongoing especially for the past 35 years. Following are examples of my recent research inquiries:

April 2010.  Working with the Center for Sustainability at Santa Barbara City College, we introduced Gunther Pauli, Founder of the ZERI Institute, and his vision for the “Blue Economy”. This has since become an annual program there.

Sept. /Oct. 2008, “Tomorrow’s Challenge for Japan”. I recruited to help plan a national conference on critical issues of these changing times for Japan.  In addition, I received a request to draft a report on actions required to create sustainability and regeneration this was accepted and published there nationally in November of 2008.

Sept. /Oct. 2006, Researching an island in there efforts to make there community work for everyone.  Cortes Island, British Columbia, Canada.  During these 5 weeks, I interviewed the residents, business owners, and local agencies on the issues that 1,000 islanders face, to address how to create a sustainable and healthy community when faced with the challenges of a changing climate, decline in traditional areas of work, and a changing economic reality for everyone.  In addition, to understand the effects that climate change imposes on the timber industry, and those resulting from a decline in fishing.  Islanders were asking themselves, why over 50 farms existed on the island 50 years ago and only four today. Moreover, such questions as what is the influence of the rising costs on food and transportation.  During this period on Cortes Island, I also addressed the International Web of Change Conference at the Hollyhock Conference Center, on issues of creating healthy viable communities.

I am dedicating my life’s work to developing a new understanding for better and more effective ways that address the critical issues facing humanity at this time.  From what I see, the Number-One priority of our time is the creation of sustainable and regenerative communities and bioregions everywhere.

Bruce as the Wizard of Santa Barbara
at the Summer Solstice Parade

The general focus of my work has been on projects that develop stronger relationships around critical issues, among various sectors of the worlds communities and defining there bioregions.  These endeavors have also explored the tools and technologies of best case examples for effective education, communication, new-business development, the economy, wellness, and governance used to develop more vital community relationships, from the personal to the global scale. 

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